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The importance of playtime in schools

The Jewish Academy of Orlando has extended recess for all grades to 45 minutes. In addition to extended recess time, lunch for all grades is 30 minutes, and a mid-morning break of 15 minutes is included in the daily schedule.

Celebrating Chanukah at the Jewish Academy of Orlando

Jewish Academy of Orlando's students loved celebrating Hanukkah with their friends. Here are a few peeks from the week's activities. Jewish Academy of Orlando serves central Florida students of all faiths from transitional kindergarten through fifth grade.

Kabbalat Hasiddur Monday

Please join us for Kabbalat Hasiddur on Monday during minyan as our accomplished first grader receive their siddurim. All students and parents are invited. Please contact for more info/meeting code.

Heartwarming interaction between generations

Through the Jewish Pavilion planning, the kindergartners from The Jewish Academy of Orlando delighted the seniors at Savannah Court singing Chanukah songs. They presented the seniors with handmade cards and plenty of kisses (Hershey's that is).

Jewish Academy students express their thankfulness

Jewish Academy of Orlando kindergarteners performed in the school's annual Thanksgiving show. The audience was taken back in time to the days of the pilgrims. Each student had a role telling the story of the first Thanksgiving

Celebrating Sukkot at JAO

Jewish Academy of Orlando's students love celebrating the new year and spending time with their friends in the sukkah. Here are a few peeks from the week's activities.

Jewish Academy mascot 'Mac The Bee' visits the JCC

Jewish Academy of Orlando Mac the Bee returned to the Roth Family Jewish Community Center with much fanfare. Students and faculty of Jewish Academy of Orlando and the Early Childhood Learning Center at the JCC danced, sang, and welcomed Shabbat with Mac the Bee at a campus-wide Shabbat.
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