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Welcome from Director of Academics


Welcome to Jewish Academy of Orlando!

Here at Jewish Academy of Orlando, we focus on developing critical thinkers who are passionate about learning and are active participants in their own education and within the community. We believe that it is our duty to kindle the love of learning within our students and to prepare them for continued academic success. We understand that is important to do more than memorize and repeat facts. Students must develop thinking skills such as the ability to analyze, synthesize, create, and problem-solve.  We seek to teach them not what to think but rather how to think.

The foundation of our academics is our warm, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable faculty.  Our teachers develop their rigorous lessons with careful thought to not only fostering critical thinking, but also to creating an individualized learning environment so that every child may reach their fullest potential.  Whether through individualized or small group instruction, differentiated spelling or vocabulary lists and readers, or in our leveled math classes, each student is provided opportunity to grow in a classroom where multiple approaches are taken.  

Our faculty believe in experiential learning and plan lessons that take our students outside the four walls of the classroom.  They make learning challenging, but also meaningful and significant. With iPads or laptops in every classroom, our school offers exposure to digital tools and to digital citizenship early.  Students understand that learning does not only take place at school, but that it is an ever-changing, dynamic, asynchronous adventure that lasts a lifetime.

We believe in the potential of each student-- intellectually, socially, physically, and spiritually.  Our school is one that is values-based, offering our students both an excellent secular and Jewish education, with a particular focus on creating leaders within our community.  We understand that we are building the foundations for the future.

Nikki Buyna
Director of Academics