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Welcome to the Jewish Academy of Orlando, a school that embraces the 21st century by blending Academic Excellence with the rich tapestry of Jewish values woven throughout our curriculum.
At the Jewish Academy of Orlando, we foster Academic Excellence by igniting a passion for learning and creativity in our students. We empower them to embrace challenges and become catalysts for positive change in our global community. Moreover, we cultivate kindness and self-awareness, naturally nurturing our students into compassionate leaders.
Our approach revolves around nurturing the whole child, guiding them to become mindful, critical thinkers. We tailor our curriculum to meet each student's unique needs, regardless of the subject. Our progressive math program ensures that students reach their fullest potential, whether they're advanced in mathematics or require extra support. Ultimately, our aim is to instill unshakable self-confidence in our students, allowing them to experience success every day.
We invite you to step into the Jewish Academy of Orlando and witness our students in action. Experience the warmth of our close-knit community and be amazed by the dynamic learning that unfolds daily. Join us as we embark on a journey where tradition and innovation come together to shape the leaders of tomorrow.