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Jewish Academy of Orlando welcomes new "BEES"

Jewish Academy of Orlando welcomed many new "BEEs" this school year. Here are a few photos before the start of school. Jewish Academy of Orlando serves central Florida students of all faiths from kindergarten through fifth grade.

Pomegranate Tree Fundraiser

Support JAO and purchase a 1 gallon pomegranate tree for $20. HUM is Accepting orders until January 15th. Trees will be delivered to the school for distribution on Friday, January 22, 2021.

Jewish Academy steps ups safety to welcome back students

Jewish Academy of Orlando began the 2020-2021 school year on Monday, Aug. 17, after adding additional precautions to ensure a safe start. Some students began attending in-person with precautions in place while others participated in remote learning.

JAO to open 'in person' with precautions during COVID-19

Jewish Academy of Orlando will welcome its students back to in person learning this fall with precautions in place. Consistent with the recommendations of the American Association of Pediatrics, students will attend school, while following stringent safety guidelines to minimize the risk of COVID-19.

Teaching the whole child during COVID-19

Jewish Academy of Orlando (JAO) continues to promote positive education remotely as part of the school's core value of teaching to the whole child.

Positive education combines traditional education with positive psychology, which is the scientific study of well-being. There are 24 character strengths which are the backbone of positive psychology, and this year the school these strengths to the students to build a common language of appreciating strengths in themselves and in others.
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