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JAO's 'Alice in Wonderland' play made into video

Jewish Academy of Orlando completed the recording of "Alice in Wonderland." The full-scale musical production, which was previously scheduled for May, is now being produced as a video production. Out of an abundance of caution, the school moved away from a live audience performance to video production.

Stepping up remote learning with technology and dedicated faculty

Jewish Academy of Orlando has upgraded the school's remote learning offering by investing in new technology and by naming Emily Watson, a veteran teacher as remote learning coordinator. Twenty percent of the school's enrollment has opted for remote learning to start the year. These investments create an educational opportunity that equals the high standards and success for which JAO is known.

There's always time for PE at JAO

Jewish Academy of Orlando kindergarteners and first graders participate in PE despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is a peek at what PE looks like at the Jewish Academy of Orlando.

JAO presents a virtual Living History museum

Jewish Academy of Orlando fifth graders presented the Living History museum during the school's remote assembly. The Living History museum concludes the students' study of colonial times and the class trip to Williamsburg, Virginia.

JAO students celebrate Sukkot in the Sukkah

Jewish Academy of Orlando students loved celebrating sukkot. They (safely) shook the lulav and etrog, had a snack, and made edible sukkot. The students also loved integrating STEM education into Judaic studies by building Lego Sukkot in the innovation lab - even the remote students participated!

JAO students observe Tashlich and clean up Lake Lily

On Friday, Sept. 25, students at Jewish Academy of Orlando observed Tashlich. While the younger grades attended a service on campus, grades 3-5 observed Tashlich at Lake Lily. The program, attended by students and their families, included a service with inspirational readings from Jewish sources and concluded with the blowing of the shofar. Afterwards, the students symbolically cast their sins into the water to help usher in new beginnings for the New Year. The student event concluded with a Mitzvah project of cleaning up the park.

Decorating jars to hold honey for a sweet new year

Jewish Academy of Orlando students prepared for the High Holidays by creating artwork on jars to hold the honey that they would dip their apples into, anticipating a sweet year (let us hope it will be sans masks!) Shown here are a few students decked out in colorful masks.

The show must go on at the Jewish Academy of Orlando

Jewish Academy of Orlando presents Disney's Alice in Wonderland on video. The play, previously scheduled for May, and then rescheduled for October, will now be produced as a video production. "After meeting with physicians who have served as advisers on our re-opening task force, our school came to the decision to move away from a live audience...

Jewish Academy of Orlando welcomes new "BEES"

Jewish Academy of Orlando welcomed many new "BEEs" this school year. Here are a few photos before the start of school. Jewish Academy of Orlando serves central Florida students of all faiths from kindergarten through fifth grade.

Pomegranate Tree Fundraiser

Support JAO and purchase a 1 gallon pomegranate tree for $20. HUM is Accepting orders until January 15th. Trees will be delivered to the school for distribution on Friday, January 22, 2021.
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