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Jewish Academy of Orlando students observe Tashlich

On Friday, Oct. 4, 2019, students at Jewish Academy of Orlando observed Tashlich. While transitional kindergarten, kindergarten, first, and second graders attended a service on campus, grades 3-5 observed Tashlich at Lake Lily.

Jewish Academy of Orlando enrollment increases 8 percent

Jewish Academy of Orlando grows with new students, new teachers, and a new grade level. While most of the growth came in the lower grades, the upper grades showed marked growth as well. Head of School Alan Rusonik said, "We are grateful for these positive trends and look forward to building on this momentum."

Jewish Academy students write and produce newscast

Each morning, Jewish Academy of Orlando students produce a daily 15-minute kid-friendly news program. The students share fun news stories, as well as highlight students and events happening in the school. The newscasts are filmed, produced and anchored by students as young as fourth grade.

Jewish Academy of Orlando launches inaugural Transitional Kindergarten

Jewish Academy of Orlando has launched a new academic program to serve the community. The school welcomed students to its new Transitional Kindergarten for the 2019-20 school year. TK is a grade that serves as a bridge between preschool and kindergarten, providing students time to develop fundamental skills needed for success...

It's back to school time at The Jewish Academy of Orlando!

Students at the Jewish Academy of Orlando have been back to school for one week now and are really cracking the books, working hard. But first some fun with selfies! Jewish Academy of Orlando serves central Florida students of all faiths from grades kindergarten through fifth.


- Jewish Academy of Orlando Director of Academics Nikki Buyna was recently accepted to Harvard Graduate School of Education’s summer program titled "Improving Schools: The Art of Leadership." In addition, she received a full school scholarship from The AVI CHAI Foundation to attend the program.


Jewish Academy of Orlando held a Disney-themed Passover model seder for its students, parents and guests. The students told the story of Passover in a traditional way with the four questions, traditional meal, and songs. The Disney-themed costumes, songs, and decorations added to the excitement.
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