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Violet Defense

Keeping Our Students and Faculty Safe 

The safety and health of our students and faculty is our number one priority. That is why have deployed a multilayer approach to combating illness by installing Violet Defense which is a patented UV operated germ-killing technology to fight COVID-19 and other illness-causing germs.  The technology helps combat up to 99% of bacteria and virus, including E. Coli, Salmonella, Norovirus, and superbugs like MRSA.  Violet Defense protects our students, staff, and faculty from illness-causing germs, such as flu and COVID-19.  

“As a pediatric emergency medicine  physician on the front lines, I am pleased to see that JAO has adopted one of the most up to date sanitizing processes using UV lights. This technology  allows sanitization and sterilization of common surfaces that are often involved in transmission of viruses and bacteria. I find this to be a safe, toxic free and effective method to sanitize the JAO spaces.”

Yaron Ivan, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Attending at AdventHealth for Children

Each of our school’s classrooms, along with the library, restrooms, and lunchroom, are disinfected each night. Also, our faculty has the ability to disinfect the rooms each time they leave the room.  We also have  access to mobile options to deploy in any spaces without an installed solution, or in the event of immediate disinfection needs, such as with a sick child. 

Did you know?

Even before the pandemic, our school was the first elementary school to be fully outfitted with the Violet Defense.  The technology is now being used across the nation in operating rooms, hotels, schools, ambulances, food processing, and athletic facilities.  Larger organizations including New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and the Orlando Magic have partnered with Violet Defense