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An Open Letter of Support: Join Us in Ensuring Academic Excellence

Attention: Orlando Jewish Community
Dear Friends and Neighbors,
Today, we want to share an important letter addressed to our beloved Jewish Community of Orlando. It speaks to a recent decision by the Florida Department of Education that has left many families in our community uncertain about their children's educational future.
Please take a moment to read the letter and understand the proactive steps being taken to support those affected by this unexpected announcement. The Jewish Academy of Orlando is opening its doors and welcoming children in need into their educational family, providing the highest quality education and vital social and emotional support during this transition.
You can read the full letter here:
If you know a Jewish family who may be affected by this news, please share this post and let them know they can reach out to the school for assistance. Together, as a community, we can overcome these challenges and ensure our children's education remains a top priority.
Thank you for your support and trust in the Jewish Academy of Orlando. Let's stand together and support one another in these trying times.