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My name is Andrea Gould.  I am currently a first grade teacher at the Jewish Academy of Orlando. Growing up in Florida, my heart was set on attending the University of Florida and becoming an “EduGator!”  At the University of Florida I received a Bachelor of Arts in Education and a Masters of Education.  After graduating I began my teaching career in Palm Beach County teaching special education. Working with children in a variety of educational settings helped me gain valuable teaching experience.  In 2003, my family moved to Orlando, and I was fortunate to acquire a position teaching at the Jewish Academy.  Teaching kindergarten and first grade at JAO for the past 18 years has allowed me to be a part of a special community.  I am grateful for the opportunity to make one of the first impressions on a child's formal education.  Being greeted every day by smiling faces filled with excitement to learn new things continues to brighten my day and foster my passion for teaching!