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Technology Integration

Our teachers are provided with up-to-date laptops and iPads for 24/7 use. Hands-on technology use at school and at home allows teachers to develop confidence in their skills and a comfort level with the technology.

Every class in K-3 has either a class set of laptops or iMac center stations for use as well as 5-10 iPads per grade level for collaboration and sharing. Each computer workstation and iPad has access to a variety of educational software and a suite of productivity applications including word processing, spreadsheets, and multimedia programs.

We currently have a 1:1 iPad initiative for all fourth-fifth grade students. Every student has an issued iPad. The fifth grade devices travel to and from school to provide a 24/7 learning environment. Fourth grade iPads go home for special projects only. Laptops can be checked out for use during school for the workhorse applications and projects. With the recent pro-level iPads, we use the iPads much more than laptops. A large variety of apps for production and skill reinforcement are pushed to the students utilizing our MDM system.

All students in fourth-fifth grade are issued a school email account, Apple ID, and iCloud account to be able to collaborate projects in the classroom. All "apps" are considered consumable like workbooks and are tied to the students iTunes ID, so when they leave the Jewish Academy they will be able to use them on another device in the future to continue life long learning.

All students in fourth and fifth grade participate on a rotating basis on a full featured live news show that is showcased every morning and then put on our password protected web site for parents to view at anytime. Students in Kindergarten through third grade participate as pledge and national anthem leaders, also on a rotation basis.

In 2015-2016 we created our version of a maker space; The Innovation Lab. We utilize the ilab to augment our S.T.E.A.M. infused curriculum. All classes come to the iLab on a rotating weekly schedule. Our librarian leads Innovation Lab recess daily, which offers additional enrichment activities. Classroom teachers also sign up to use the iLab for classroom projects during open times. The iLab is stocked with laptops, desktops, video production equipment, 3d design and printing, electronics prototyping modules, robotics resources and much more.