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Remote Learning

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JAO has upgraded the school’s remote learning offering by investing in new technology and by naming Emily Watson, a veteran teacher as our Remote Learning Coordinator. Twenty percent of our school’s enrollment opted for remote learning to start the year. In order to support these students, provide a seamless transition to school-wide remote learning, and give our families the flexibility to transition to and from face-to-face learning, we have provided:


  • Dedicated faculty to support remote learning
  • Google Meet hardware
  • Seamless transition to remote learning, as needed
  • Ease of use
  • Integration with Google Workspace across the school
  • Crystal clear audio and HD video


We put these investments in place to create an educational opportunity that equals the high standards and success for which our school is known.  

“Our goal is to make the remote student experience connected,
social, meaningful, authentic and relevant; whether a student is
enrolled in in person or remote learning,” said Ms. Watson.
“This is accomplished  by using a blended model of both
synchronous and asynchronous learning.”

Synchronous Learning

Synchronous learning at our school allows remote learners to join their class via Google Meet for lessons in real time. The classroom experience for remote students is designed to facilitate more active participation in discussions and lessons remotely.   

“Our technology provides a window into the classroom
for our remote students,” said Michael Hughes,
Director of Technology.  “The experience is
even more immersive than remote learning last
spring, at the beginning of the pandemic. 
We have added a dedicated video and
audio system in our classrooms.”

Learning Management Systems

In addition, we have adopted a new learning management systems (LMS), SeeSaw for grades K-2. We have also expanded our use of Google Classroom in grades 3-5.  SeeSaw allows our younger grade teachers to share assignments and materials, and provide teacher and student feedback.  The platform also allows our students to draw and write straight into, record video and/or audio messages of themselves that get sent to the teacher.  The application automatically collects all student work in a digital portfolio.  

Google Classroom

Google Classroom, which was used in our upper grade classes even before the pandemic allows each teacher to make his/her own classroom, digitally push out work to students, organize their classroom by subject area or topics, provide student feedback, comment on documents, assign grades, and digitally send them all back to students.  The platform also allows our students to keep track of all of their assignments from all teachers, digitally hand in assignments and receive feedback/grades all in one place.


Whole Child Focus

The social emotional component continues to be a large focus at JAO.  Our new schedule and technology facilitate more peer-to-peer interaction.  Remote students are even welcome to “join” their class for lunch. 


What Our Parents Are Saying 

“While remote learning is the best choice for our family, I love that my daughter is able to connect with her class and classmates throughout the day and, at the same time, receive a strong academic experience that keeps her engaged and keeps her social and emotional needs in check,” said Jennifer Hennessee, parent of remote learner. “Plus, the teachers really strive to seamlessly interact with the virtual students as well as the in-class students. They work in groups together and are really made as much of the experience as they possibly can.”

“With all of the benefits this technology provides, we are mindful of the potential effects of students being in front of a screen the entire school day,” said Amy Polacek, Director of Academics. “Our schedule creates the opportunity for students to step away from the screen with a balance of independent work, brain breaks, and recess.


Community is a big part of why people love our school.  We continue to look for ways to build that connection, including with our remote learners.  Using the same technologies, our parents are invited to attend weekly Minyan and Shabbat gatherings remotely as well as other school events throughout the year.

While most of our families chose in person learning, we are thrilled to offer an equally robust academic experience with social interaction for our remote learners.

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Emily Watson, Remote Learning Coordinator
Emily Watson, Remote Learning Coordinator