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News Program

Cited as “truly amazing” by FCIS, we offer a state-of-the art realistic news program. 


Students (with supervision) produce a daily 15 minute kid friendly news program. We share fun kid-centered news stories, as well as highlight students and events happening in our school.

Students in fourth and fifth grades are taught skills in various new production roles, including teleprompter operation, running the audio and video mixers, roving news reporters, weather, sports, news & feature anchors. The students conceptualize, record and edit video segments for the news.

The Kindergarten through Third grade students participate daily by leading the school in the recital of the pledge of allegiance and sing the US and Israeli national anthems. This is followed by a daily prayer. Students watch in their classrooms via our in house video distribution network.  Parents are able to view the news daily by coming into the school library and watching it on the school TV or logging into a password protected portal and watching it on their own device.

We start each day as a school community watching the news, it is a great way to start our day together.