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Differentiation can be accurately described as a classroom practice with a balanced emphasis on individual students and course content. Differentiating the questions posed, the expectations for completed assignments, content and much more are some of the ways that learning is adjusted.

Our teachers ensure that all of their students master important content and, through differentiation, have to make specific and continually evolving plans to connect each learner with key content. Our teachers are required to understand the nature of each of their students, in addition to the nature of the content they teach.

At the Jewish Academy, all subjects are differentiated according to the lessons taught. For example, second through fifth graders are placed in the appropriate math level for them as an individual student. This ensures that we teach to each individual level and maximize each student’s potential. Within each level, there are several small groups that receive instruction and individualized help.

In Language Arts, the students are placed in reading circles according to his or her ability. These groupings are dynamic and meet the needs of the individual students where they are at that particular time and subject area.