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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Jewish Academy of Orlando! We have compiled some answers to many of our frequently asked questions.  

Which grades are served by the school?

Jewish Academy of Orlando currently serves transitional kindergarten through grade 5.

What makes Jewish Academy of Orlando unique?

The school delivers a whole-child education fostering academic excellence and character education rooted in Jewish values that will help each student reach his or her full potential.

What are the school’s core values?

Our core values are found here.  To see our core values in action, check out our video.

Is Jewish Academy of Orlando accredited?

Yes, JAO is accredited by the Florida Council of Independent Schools, whose purpose is to establish high standards for non-public schools. FCIS evaluates and accredits independent schools throughout Florida, and as one of the nation’s largest organizations of independent schools, it represents over 70,000 students in 160 member schools.

Why is Whole-Child education important?

Jewish Academy truly believes in educating the whole child, and we have a dual-focus as educators.  We foster both academic excellence and social-emotional growth, cultivating values of kindness, self-awareness, mindfulness, and character.  To educate the whole child is to realize that children need more than education of the mind; they also need education for their social and emotional being.  


How are music, PE, art, library, and recess integrated into the schedule?

As part of our whole-child curriculum, students participate in a variety of classes throughout the week.  Music, art, yoga, library, and innovation lab classes are held each week, with physical education classes three times per week.

Does JAO value free play for children?

Children need time for free play.  It enhances brain function, promotes executive function, and develops skills needed to collaborate and innovate. Our students have brain breaks throughout the day, a fifteen-minute break each morning, and extended recess every day.

Is there an aftercare program?

Jewish Academy offers an aftercare program and a number of extracurricular clubs/activities after school.

What are the religious requirements of the school?
Jewish Academy aims to serve families who desire a Jewish day school education for their children. We are open to Jewish students. We welcome families that have diverse backgrounds and our school is inclusive of the diversity of the Jewish community. We are non-denominational; we teach Jewish values. Jewish Academy does not admit students who are part of a messianic religious community.

To learn more about the school, we would love to give you a tour.