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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I choose Jewish Academy of Orlando (JAO)?

Parents want the best for their children: a safe and nurturing environment, high academic standards, inspiration, exceptional learning environment and a focus on their student as a whole. We at Jewish Academy provide this. With our dual curriculum of Judaic and general studies, our educational approach inspires our students to reach their potential. Plus, Jewish Academy is the only non-denominational day school in Central Florida!

2. What makes Jewish Academy of Orlando unique?

Not only do we integrate technology into everything we do, we offer an innovation lab where our students learning design thinking, learn code and program robots. We focus on the students as a whole and provide learning to help them reach their full potential. MindUp, a mindfulness curriculum, is combined with Yoga and a new leadership program that all help facilitate this.

3. What are the religious requirements of the school?

Jewish Academy is open to students of all faiths. We welcome families that have diverse backgrounds. We do not teach to any specific Jewish denomination. We teach Jewish values and rituals. 

4. Is Jewish Academy of Orlando accredited?

Yes, JAO is accredited by FCIS. The purpose of FCIS is to establish high standards for non-public schools. FCIS evaluates and accredits independent schools throughout Florida. As one of the nation’s largest organizations of independent schools, it represents over 70,000 students in 160 member schools.

5. What are the benefits of a dual-curriculum?

Jewish day schools serve as a unique setting for learning the Hebrew language. Here at the Jewish Academy of Orlando, we teach Hebrew both for Jewish religious and cultural literacy to foster facility in the study of sacred Hebrew texts and also for purposes of proficiency in communications skills. Read More

6. How are music, PE, art, library and recess integrated into the students’ day?

Every grade has music and art once a week. They participate in PE three times a week; two days focus on team sports and the third focuses on yoga, a new integration into our mindfulness program. JAO has a fully-stocked library, run by our own librarian; classes have library time weekly, PLUS they can check out books before and after school. We believe that kids still need to be kids. Students have recess EVERY DAY after lunch.

7. Do you have after care?

Jewish Academy offers a number of extra curricular activities after school. Also, every day, JCC counselors pick up students from Jewish Academy at dismissal (by walking over to our side of the building) and take them back to the JCC. There are many choices for after care and activities through their programs. Many families enjoy this convenience!

8. Are there any dietary policies or restrictions?

Students should bring dairy lunches only. We do not allow meat. This is the only restriction. If a student has a food allergy, we will make accommodations to ensure his/her safety.

9. Am I religious enough for Jewish Academy? Am I too religious for Jewish Academy?

As a multi-denominational day school, we are proud to hail from diverse religious backgrounds and families. We have many families who do not identify with a particular denomination and many families who come from Reform, Conservative and Modern Orthodox backgrounds. All of our families come together with the commitment and desire to provide their children with a strong sense of Jewish identity and knowledge.