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Special Campaigns


2017 marks the 40th anniversary of the Jewish Academy of Orlando.  Established in
1977, the Jewish Academy of Orlando (formerly Hebrew Day School) was created,
in the words of its founders, “combining a quality general studies and intensive
Judaic curriculum.”

40. 40 is on our minds this year. The number 40 signifies radical transition and
transformation in Jewish history. It rained for 40 days and nights during the Flood.
Moses spent 40 days on Mt. Sinai with G-d. Elijah fasted for 40 days prior to his
revelation on Mt. Horeb.  The 40 days from before Rosh Hashanah when we begin
to blow the Shofar to Yom Kippur are the most auspicious time for personal growth
and renewal.

After Moses led the Jewish people for 40 years in the wilderness, he told them:
"God has not given you a heart to know, and eyes to see, and ears to hear, until
this day".  It took the Jewish people 40 years before reaching a full level of

For the past 40 years, the Jewish Academy of Orlando has educated over 1,000
students.  True to the vision of its founders, four decades of our strong academic
foundation have produced scientists, engineers, writers, friends, doctors, actors,
activists, teachers, and families. Alumni empowered to achieve academic success
who changed the world. Our Jewish Academy students form the bedrock of today’s
Central Florida community. 


You were here at some point in those 40 years. You remember the Shabbats, the
Purim parades, the Passover seders. The friendships and love that has endured.
And, above all, the education that propelled your family through middle school
and high school.


We have molded. We have led. We have prepared our students for immeasurable


And still, now, we look to the next 40 years.  


As an Alumni family of our school, join us in ensuring our mission continues.  
Tuition dollars from currently enrolled families only cover 80% of costs to educate
each student at the Jewish Academy.  Generous alumni like you, as well as loving
members of our community and current parents, have committed to the future
of the Jewish people, and fund the remaining 20%, as is the case in most
independent schools.


To honor the Jewish Academy’s 40th anniversary, we now launch our
40/40 Campaign, ensuring our continued mission to educate and raise leaders
for the next 40 years.  


We invite 40 alumni families to commit $40 per month, less than the cost of
dinner, for the next 40 months, for a total of $1,600.  The 40/40 Campaign
will run for 40 days, from October 3rd, 2017 to November 11th, 2017

Like Moses leading his people in the desert, we ask you to follow us through the
next 40 days to secure our place in the community and ensure future academic
excellence and Jewish leaders in Central Florida.  


Consider this…40 alumni families, 40 current families and 40 community
members commit to $40 over the next 40 months and we will raise just
under $200,000 in 40 days. Our goal is participation.  


We need every alumni family to participate. To remember the enduring
impact the Jewish Academy had on their education and lives as Jewish people.

Every donation transforms a student. Transforms our community. 


Our parents are investing in the Jewish Academy beyond their tuition. The
Jewish Academy means that much to our community. The momentum of
giving catches like a spark. Join us to light up our sustainability for the future.

L’Shana Tova!  Best wishes for a happy, healthy and sweet new year, 



Alan Rusonik
Head of School


P.S. Please click on the link below for your convenience, and payments can be made through
automatic billing, one payment, or in any other denomination.


Click here to Donate to the 40/40 Campaign