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Tuition Affordability Program


TAP graphic

We are excited to announce that we are making JAO accessible to even more families.  We are launching the Tuition Affordability Program (TAP), a new program to make JAO even stronger by increasing enrollment! 


TAP is designed to boost enrollment of new students to JAO by making tuition more affordable for middle income families.  TAP calculates a student's tuition fees based on the family’s income.



As the cost of tuition has risen, many middle class families are struggling to afford quality private education. While we have and will continue to offer our traditional Tuition Assistance program, some families have been reluctant to pursue this option because they do not consider themselves in need of assistance and/or they do not want to go through the lengthy Tuition Assistance process-not knowing the outcome when they cannot predict the tuition cost.


How it works: 

By clicking here, families can, in the privacy of their own home, walk through the online tuition calculator step-by-step, calculate their tuition fees, and determine whether they are candidates for the program. If the calculated tuition fees are acceptable, the family can submit for approval to participate in the program.  The school will respond to the family, usually, within 48 hours.

The TAP program allows families to quickly determine how much their students tuition will cost, and if approved, know the calculated tuition fees are guaranteed (subject to the verification of the information provided). A list of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is here.  For more information about TAP, please contact or call 407.647.0713.