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Tuition Assistance

At the Jewish Academy of Orlando, we are committed to helping every family realize their dream of a strong secular and Jewish education.

For those families that require financial assistance, the school offers two programs.

Tuition Affordability Program

The first is the Tuition Affordability Program (TAP).  This program is targeted at middle income families requiring some tuition assistance.  The maximum tuition assistance available in this program is 20% and 30% for grades K-1 and grades 2-5, respectively.


Families should take the online self assessment to calculate their tuition assistance needs. This assessment is completely anonymous and can be performed in the privacy of your own home.  If the calculated tuition fees are satisfactory, then you should complete the final step and submit your application for approval.


Approval of your application is usually obtained within 2 business days.  If approved, your award will be subject to verification of the information provided, and approval of your students application and/or completed enrollment contract.

The Tuition Affordability Program online self assessment calculator is available here

Traditional Tuition Assistance Program

Our second assistance program is our Traditional Tuition Assistance program.  This program is designed for families who require more assistance. 

Prior to applying to the Traditional Tuition Assistance program, we recommend you complete the TAP online self assessment form. After you have completed Steps 1-5 on the TAP online self assessment form, select Step 6 to view the Summary page.  This page calculates whether or not you are a candidate for our Traditional Tuition Assistance program.  

The following message is displayed if you should apply for Traditional Tuition Assistance:

screen shot from tuition website

If this message is not displayed, you can still apply for Traditional Tuition Assistance, however you should contact the Head of School to discuss the circumstances that warrant your application.

Families applying to the traditional tuition assistance program will need to complete an application and submit the necessary supporting documentation to FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment by February 19, 2021.  Families can apply here.

For all families on Tuition Assistance

Families that enroll in either tuition assistance program may also be required to apply to Step Up For Students.  The school will notify you when you submit your application whether to apply for Step Up.  Returning families who were previously enrolled in the Step Up program must re-enroll to ensure you continue to receive your scholarship.

Awards for both programs are awarded on a first come, first served basis.  It is important you apply as soon as possible as there are limited tuition assistance funds available.

Please note it is a prerequisite to submit a completed enrollment contract or application for admission to Jewish Academy prior to being considered for tuition assistance.