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WJAO Morning News broadcasts live everyday from our in-house TV studio. Students in fourth and fifth grades rotate crews throughout the school year. They learn to run the equipment as well as anchor a live broadcast. Public speaking skills and the technical side of producing our shows helps to teach our students the value of team work.

WJAO provides kid friendly news, weather, and sports, along with our daily special features. We highlight birthdays, artist of the day, and student accomplishments. Kindergarten through third grade students take turns leading the Pledge, National Anthem, the Hatikvah and our morning prayer.

You will often find a group of parents in our Media Center catching up on all the latest news and happenings at the Jewish Academy of Orlando. Coming soon we hope to be able to allow our parents to access a copy of the news on their computers in the comfort of their home or office.

Please visit the parent info page to find forms for:

- Ordering a Digital Archive of the Daily News Broadcast
- To Become a WJAO News Corporate Sponsor
- To Order Birthday Books

Thank you & Stay Tuned!